This update contains the following improvements:

  • Breaking change:
    • LicenseManagement: In order to improve performance, license management calculation has changed from “Automatic at statup” to “Manual” – triggered by User, PowershellScript or Changes to LicenseManamgent product configuration.
      The last calculation timestamp is shown in product list and product detail view, so you can easily recognize if the calculation data is current.
      For calculation in background (recommended for databases with >5000 assets or >300 products) use the new “Initialize-LiLicenseManagement” CmdLet (see user manual chapter 8)
  • Features and Enhancements:
    • Setup: Set automatically access rights to data directory (Authenticated Users: Read, Write, Execute)
    • LMC: Improved Mailbox-Templates by adding the service pack level of the exchange server (SpLevel) . To see the new columns, the node maybe has to be reseted (use context menu)
    • LMC: New: Timestamp for UserAccounts, UserGroups, ComputerAccounts, MsExchangeMailbox
    • LOGINquiry: Write name of activity instead of the id to inventoryinfo activity
    • LOGINquiry: Improved AD browser tolerating disabled netbios
    • Scanner: New: PasswordLastSet for local users
    • Scanner: New: Detect BIOS mode (Legacy/UEFI)
    • Scanner: New: Detect net address of devices
    • Scanner: New: Detect IP and net address of VM stubs
    • Scanner: New: Support for vSphere 6.5 (vCenter, ESX, PowerCLI)
    • Scanner: Improved handling of Cluster IPs
    • Scanner: Improved multiple credential handling (for large sets of credetials)
    • Scanner: Improved detection of MS Office product keys
    • Scanner: Improved detection of Adobe product keys
    • Scanner: Improved detection of local IP
    • Scanner: Improved detection of SUN OS
    • Scanner: Improved detection of Exchange 2016
    • Scanner: Improved Ubuntu Linux inventory by using “sudo [user]” instead of “root”
    • Scanner: Improved scanning of Windows 10 in Workgroup environment
  • Bugfixes:
    • LicenseManagement: Fixed wrong default calculation expression
    • LicenseManagement: Fixed bug which triggers a crash in import of external license data
    • LMC: Fixed bug which triggers a console crash sporadically when using portable version in combination with access control
    • LMC: Fixed bug which triggers a crash of the topology viewer
    • Scanner: Fixed bug where the “authpriv” option in SNMP v3 did not work
    • Scanner: Fixed bug which causes a crash while scanning ESX hosts if some data was missing
    • Scanner: Fixed bug in vSphere Inventory which prevented inv-file processing with error: missing target IP
    • Scanner: Fixed bug on detection of MAC address with ProxyArp
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