This update contains the following improvements:

  • Features and Enhancements:
    • Offline-Agent: Introduced Self-Update functionality for LoginfoSvc.exe
    • Scanner: All modules now run with process priority “below normal”
    • Scanner: Avoid redundancy when gathering share ACL information
    • LOGINsert: Improved fingerprint defintion for better vmguest-asset mapping
    • LMC: Property editor now also available for asset tree nodes
    • LMC: Improved handling of result view layout during editing queries
    • LMC: Performance improvement for related data widget
    • LMC: New predefined query for evaluating switch port assignment (Hardware -> Switch-Port Assignment)
    • LMC: Improved visability of row selection when rows are fully highlighted
    • Powershell: Add sample script “license_reminder.ps1”
    • Configuration: Use FDQN in database provider presets
  • Bugfixes:
    • Offline-Agent: Fixed bug which did not accept authenticode after certificate expired
    • Scanner: Fixed bug which results in duplicated VM assets
    • Scanner: Fixed bug which prevents detecting mailboxes on Exchange 2013
    • Scanner: Fixed bug during gathering vmguest information from XenServer or ESX which have no DNS entries at all
    • LMC: Fixed bug wich allows users to change a nodes base-table even if the node has children or is referenced
    • LMC: Fixed crash in journal widget
    • ReportGenerator: Fixed crash on creating a new license report
  • Known Prolems:
    • Scanner: Inventory of Mac OS does not contain software package list. Workaround: Use SNMP instead of ssh.
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