This update (build 9947) contains the following improvements:


  • LOGINquiry: Issue fixed: Access denied with AD lookup on users root container
  • Scanner: Issue fixed: Device ModifiedDate changing after host scan (Linux/Mac)
  • Scanner: Support more chassis types (no. > 24)
  • Scanner: Issue fixed: Wrong LastInventory.TargetIp, on windows 10 1709 or later with hyper v
  • Scanner: LastInventory.Result=0 if successful instead of 20300 (Linux/Mac)
  • Scanner: Issue fixed: Result is not OK if 1st credential failed but 2nd succeeded
  • Scanner: Device.Name now is always the friendly name – sometimes there was the FQDN instead (fixed all scanner components)
  • Scanner: Issue fixed: access denied on non-elevated local exchange inventory
  • Offline Agent: Replace .vbs with LOS.exe to start invisible batch and executable
  • Offline Agent issue fixed: Can’t start task as user on windows 10

Build 10220 also contains these improvements:

Scanner issues fixed:

  • Wrong return code on unsuccessful scans
  • SoftwarePackage.InstallDate missing on Linux
  • Office 2010 Single Image detection
  • Error handling while connecting with impersonation
  • Lastinventory.IP detection on Windows 10 with Hyper-V Default Switch

LOGINquiry issues fixed:

  • Local IP address detection on Windows 10 with Hyper-V Default Switch
  • Invalid IP4 address range validation in definitions on PCs with Spanish language settings
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