This update contains the following improvements:

  • Enhancements:
    • LMC: Maximum number of custom properties (string) increased from 100 to 150
    • LMC: Global setting: Exclude failed inventory data from topology viewer
    • LMC: More than 50 new queries
    • LMC: Add quick action for PDF-Export to choose between portrait and landscape
    • LMC: Add MAC address table to relevant reports
    • License Management: Change default setting from “All Assets” to “Parent Definition”
    • LOGINquiry: Enhanced first start experience
    • Scanner: Support 64-Bit WMI classes (e.g. MBAM)
    • Scanner: Better hardware information
    • Scanner: Switch (/NoCaching) ensures no files left on client after execution (LOGINfo/LOGINfoX)
    • Scanner: Basic inventory without perl improved
    • Scanner: can now be used for offline scan / cron job
    • Scanner: Better detection of Visual Studio 2017
    • Scanner: Switch (/NoIPv6) added (LOGINfo)
    • Scanner: Sudo via ssh implemented
    • Scanner: Disk size detection
    • Scanner: Create NIC entry if missing
    • Scanner: Switch (/port nn) added for command line (LOGINfoESX)
  • Bugfixes:
    • LMC: Fixed bug which caused problems when deleting VMGuests of an archived host
    • LMC: Fixed bug which left related data empty
    • LMC: Fixed bug which sorted nodes by internal name and not by display name
    • LOGINquiry: Fixed bug which caused problems when parsing ill formed IP addresses
    • LOGINquiry: Fixed bug which filtered view data not as it is in LMC by Default (“contains”)
    • LOGINject: Fixed bug which prevented deleting of assigned info entities (Monitors, Rams etc.)
    • LOGINuse: Fixed bug which did not ignore applications from systemroot
    • Scanner: Fixed bug which calculated a wrong CPU count on XENserver
    • Scanner: Fixed bug which let stubs overwrite reliable data
    • Scanner: Fixed bug which caused an error during solaris inventory
      Revision 1457
      – Fixed Bug which prevents migration of queries on updates form Versions 7.4.1 – 7.5.3
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