This update contains the following improvements:

  • Enhancements:
    • LOGINfo.script: Added improved Defender and Endpoint protection detection to LOGINfo.script.sample (has to be activated manually)
    • Scanner: Improved detection of AVMA licenses (Automatic VM Activation)
    • Scanner: Improved detection of chassistypes
    • Scanner: Added basic data inventory for linux if no perl is installed
    • Scanner: Added role “Host” to OperatingSystem SystemRoles string
    • LMC: Added quick actions to ribbon menu (Export to PDF/XLS)
    • LMC: Added quick jump action to ribbon menu (Details)
    • LMC: Added sample queries for a quick overview over different platforms
  • Bugfixes:
    • LOGINuse: Fixed bug which causes a crash
    • Scanner: Fixed bug which causes fingerprint problems
    • Scanner: Fixed bug which causes problems by using multiple credetials during scan
    • LMC: Fixed default SQL server metric settings in license management module
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