This update contains the following improvements:

  • Features and Enhancements:
    • Exchange Inventory, Offline Agent: Support .NET Runtime v4.5
    • XenApp Inventory: Support for XenApp 7.x
    • LMC: Improved hyperlink detection and do not show them in custom property lookup lists anymore for better handling
    • Scanner: Improved identification detection to avoid VM duplicates by using SystemUuid.
      The consequence is, that cloned VMs, whose IDs have not been changed, may overwrite each other. To avoid it, use following code in LOGINfo.script to remove the cloned ids from scan data:
      !IF {eq:%$DeviceInfo.SystemUuid%,Clone-UUID1,Clone-UUID2}
  • Bugfixes:
    • LMC: Fixed bug which prohibited deleting a custom property when using Oracle database
    • License Management: Fixed bug which did no copy custom properties of duplicated products
    • Scanner: Fixed bug which privented inserting scan data from Windows 10 PCs with active Bitlocker
    • LOGINquiry: Fixed bug which crashed LOGINquiry when lookup to XenApp Servers or Exchange Servers.
  • Bugfixes in 7.4.1:
    • Migration: Fixed bug which prevented database migration from 7.2.x and earlier
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