New Features:

  • LOGINventory 6.3 is now even available in the languages Spanish and French, in addition to German and English.
  • LMC: User-specific language setting regardless of the admin setting (valid for all available modules).
  • LMC: Localization of the LOGINventory tree.
  • LMC: With restricted access (via user roles) for non-Administrators the root node is supplemented with additional notice [limited].
  • LMC / License Management: Products can be marked as freeware.
  • LMC / License Management: Accelerated license evaluation, optimized memory consumption.
  • LOGINquiry: “Custom Properties” can be set in scan definitions.
  • LOGINquiry: Configuration of additional switches to modify inventory process.
  • LOGINquiry: Net-SNMP: Credentials for v1 and v3; SNMP.conf.
  • LOGINquiry: AD-based scan definitions improved for environments with many domains in a “Forrest” or many OUs (> 10,000).
  • LOGINquiry: Load balancing for the respective subnets when scanning large areas.
  • LOGINfo: CPU speed values are recorded as rounded.
  • LOGINfo: New property: “Operatingsystem.ComputerOU”.
  • LOGINfo: Support for additional WMI namespaces in addition to CIMV2 in LOGINfo.script.
  • LOGINfo: Acquisition of existing .NET Framework versions as a software package.
  • LOGINsert: Option ‹/a› launches LOGINsert in user context (not as service).
  • LOGINsert: Linguistic comparison when inserting into database, e.g. in german: “STRASSE” = “Straße”.
  • Configuration: Changing the data directory will copy scripts and Loginfo.exe, set permissions on the file system and creates a share.
  • DB: “UserAccount.ManagerName” increased from 100 to 200 characters.
  • Webinterface: Horizontal scroll bars.
  • Webinterface: Support for bookmarks.
  • PS: Support of “Useraccount View” in “Get-LiUserAccount” CmdLet.
  • LMC: Topology: Redesign, accelerated execution, memory optimization.
  • LMC: Redesign of the dashboards.

Bug Fixes:

  • LMC: The selection of the data was not retained when switching the view.
  • LMC: Node in the tree LOGINventory could be erroneously renamed.
  • LMC: There was no Standard for the “default directory” when importing dashboard & node definition.
  • LMC: “DaysFromToday” function did not support “0 days”.
  • LMC: Topology Viewer: “Out of memory” error occurred on 32-bit systems (after the 3rd start).
  • User roles: In multi domain environment privileges were not been verified.
  • LOGINfo: Because of improperly formatted MAC addresses of some SNMP devices, corrupt INV files were created.
  • LOGINfo: Crashed at startup via task scheduler with administrative account but WITHOUT the option “run with highest privileges”.
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