• XML-Export Tool: Export assets and license information for LOGINventory6.

Bug Fixes:

  • LOGINfo: SNMP: system.sysname will be used as PCname, except:
    system.systemname is empty          or
    system.systemname contains a blank  or
    system.systemname contains 'Ricoh'  or
    system.systemname contains 'NRG'    or
    system.systemname contains 'Unknown' 
  • LOGINfo: Decrypts invalid license key from Window 8 and Office 2013
  • WebInterface: Suppress dialog box when license violation occurs.
  • PS Sample Scripts: Updated to be compatible for PS version 3 and 4.
Get the new version from http://www.loginventory.com/download.
Any comments and ideas for improvement are highly appreciated.


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